about me

An intelligent blue haired beauty.

Love me or hate me, one thing is for sure...... I'll always be on your mind, you will always be wanting more.

I am your addiction.

I am your fetish.


I may seem sweet and bubbly at first, but don't let that fool you, past my big beautiful eyes lies a perverse, misanthropic, sadistic bitch. I can be very blunt, upfront and honest, so take caution if you have a fragile ego ;)

Nothing gives me more joy than torturing your mind, body and soul.

To hear the moans, screams and cries that emit your very soul, gives me the utmost pleasure.

The human flesh yearns for my touch and control. 

My charm, looks and demeanour will have you sucked in and captured.

You can finally be what you truly are: an object to be used and exploited for my own gratification.


I am an absolute sadistic bitch, your pain is my pleasure,

However, dependant on my mood and how I feel I wish the session to go, I may go all out, I may mix and match or if you're lucky, I may go easy on you but don't count on it!