Im Mistress J, a beautifully perverted yet sadistic mistress that packs a punch.

I may seem sweet and bubbly at first, but don't let that fool you, nothing gives me more joy than tormenting your mind, body and spirit.

To hear the moans, screams and cries of joy that emit your very soul, gives me the utmost pleasure.

The human flesh yearns for my touch and control. 

You will soon find yourself at peace in my presence.



I adore BDSM with a passion and believe it is a great way to express your inner most desires and fantasies.

It can be very spiritual and cathartic.

It's the perfect release.



Im a creative, intuitive dominatrix that has the power to easily shift into different modes: sensual, teasing, seductive or whatever may be necessary to fool you into thinking you are safe before luring you back in to my dark sadistic realm.


I am a resident mistress and session at a quaint little dungeon in Bristol. A great place to provide a safe space for play and exploration, so whatever it is, even if you are a newbie, I am more than happy for us to start our journey together into the world of kink.



It goes without saying, RESPECT GOES A VERY LONG WAY WITH ME, it works both ways, therefore it is expected and an absolute must at all times.

Approach correctly and address me as Mistress.



I do not deal kindly to ignorance, stupidity, rudeness, demands, and any other smutty human behaviours, it's a sure fire way to get blacklisted, this applies at ALL TIMES.


I do however session with any sub who is respectable regardless of sexuality, gender or race.


So what are you waiting for?


All that glitters is blue.