So you're ready to apply?

Ensure you have thoroughly read my site and that you follow the instructions below otherwise you will simply be wasting your time.

You can only make first impressions once so make it count!

1) A deposit is required upon booking (details are found on the sessions-dungeon tab, i will expect this is read thoroughly as all the info is there), failure to pay will result in you being blacklisted without notice, my time is not to be wasted.

2) Use manners, be respectful and approach me correctly, I am to be addressed as Mistress and nothing less.

3) Do not write essays, be concise. one liners and people who write lists with no definition will be ignored.

I am selective with who I session with as I should be, you are asking me for my time, skill and attention which is very valuable, so remind yourself that respect and manners go a long way.

If you do not hear from me within a few days, consider your application unsuccessful.

Method of payment

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