You can find me at House Du Croix, a quaint dungeon situated in Bristol near Temple Meads train station.

My main day of residency is Thursday, I can also do some Saturdays, however both days need to be booked in advance.

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Bookings: A deposit must be paid (half the amount or in full) within the same day of booking or the slot will go to someone else. I will not remind you to do so either.

deposits are non refundable/non transferable. 

Session tribute

Half hr: £80

1 hr: £150

2 hr: £280

then £100ph from the 3rd hr onwards


7 Victoria Rd,





What you can expect from a session

Each session will vary dependant on your likes, triggers and limits. How the session goes will be entirely up to me, I am strict and I expect absolute obedience at all times.

All my sessions are CFNM (clothed female nude male).

I do enjoy pushing limits during playtime, after all you are my plaything and thats what makes the session more fun! but I will do so to an acceptable point. 

Ultimately I always get the final say. 


Before any session begins we will have a friendly recap and go through what has been previously discussed. 

I will always practice SSC - safe sane and consensual.


It's understandable to be nervous in the presence of a goddess, but remind yourself, you have come to me for a reason, you want to fulfil those desires and curiosities. You know that serving me is your destiny.

So now is your chance.


Before coming to serve me you must ensure you are clean, tidy and courteous!


    Be aware:

  • I DO NOT need a personal slave

  • I DO NOT session naked or in underwear

  • I absolutely do not offer any form of sexual service... do not think breath or speak it!